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Take Your Game to a Whole New Level
From the dunes of the Old Course to the meticulous fairways of Augusta, uneven lies have always been a part of the game. Uphill, downhill and sidehill lies affect a golfer’s balance, stance, swing plane, loft, distance, direction, club selection and confidence.

Finally, the Hill Shot Golf trainer brings you an innovative and dynamic way to duplicate many of the difficult shots that occur during a round of golf.

This product has been researched and developed for over 10 years by the Koch twins, who developed a passion and love for golf while working as caddies. Their mission is the development of high-quality training tools for the enjoyment of golfers seeking higher levels of success.

Now You Can Have Positive Feedback
Very few golfers truly understand how to train to develop correct and consistent golf skills. All too often, they practice without receiving effective feedback.

When golfers practice with the Hill Shot Golf trainer, they will be able to receive effective visual and kinesthetic feedback allowing them to learn at an accelerated pace.

Elevate Your Game
Most golf shots do not occur on a perfectly flat surface, yet most amateur golfers who go to a driving range are hitting balls on perfectly level lies. The Hill Shot Golf trainer allows you to perfect the shots that only correct consistent practice and repetition will develop.

By practicing on uneven lies, the Hill Shot Golf trainer also offers a solution for correcting swing flaws associated with incorrect swing planes, posture and weight transfer.

You Call the Shots
Whether at home combined with the use of a hitting net, or offered as a training aid by golf schools, training centers and driving ranges, the Hill Shot Golf trainer helps you master those intimidating uneven lies that all golfers struggle with.

This patented design concept includes a lightweight, durable, dimple-finished base and a high-quality hitting surface. The Hill Shot Golf trainer dimensions are 60” in diameter by 16” high, and has a 10 degree incline. The weight is approximately 74 lbs.

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